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Pest of the Month – Gophers/Squirrels

Posted by on Oct 31, 2018 in News, Pest of the Month

Gophers and squirrels can be extremely hard to get rid of on your own. Gophers burrow underground and live most of their lives there. They can dig tunnels underneath your home and vegetation that can cause serious damage over time! Meanwhile, squirrels can find a small space to live in and will claim it as their own. Squirrels are also likely not alone and there can be several others nearby. Gophers and squirrels both carry fleas and ticks which have diseases that can lead to illness for your family or your pets. If either of these animals get trapped somewhere they will cause extensive damage that can cost thousands of dollars in repair. Don’t wait until they’ve caused a ton of damage to get rid of them! For more information call us at (661)323-7858 and learn about the many...

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Pest of the Month – Earwigs

Posted by on Aug 30, 2018 in News, Pest of the Month

Earwigs aren’t harmful to humans, but they can be a pest to your home and garden. They can damage your vegetation by feeding on seedlings and it’s easy for them to go unnoticed. Since they are attracted to light you may also find them around your porch or patio around this time of year. They love to occupy moist areas like the foundation around your home and around decaying vegetation. To keep these pests out, clean and groom these moist areas. Earwigs can easily make their way into your home. Once inside, they will seek refuge in spots such as the garage where there is more moisture for them. If you’re noticing them in great numbers call Banks Pest Control at (661) 323-7858 to help you control the...

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Pest of the Month – California Fire Ants

Posted by on Jul 30, 2018 in News, Pest of the Month

California Fire Ants will seek out sunny and dry spots to build their colonies – including your yard! They can be difficult to get rid of on your own. Even though they usually don’t bother people, they may attack when provoked, and can get highly aggressive when disturbed. California Fire Ants inject a venom into their victim that causes a burning sensation and a small percentage of the population are allergic to their stings. If you experience chest pains, nausea, dizziness, or shock from these ants seek medical attention immediately. Banks Pest Control is determined to keep your home and family safe from these pests. Give us a call at (661) 323-7858 for a quote and to schedule an...

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Pest of the Month – Bed Bugs

Posted by on Jun 29, 2018 in News, Pest of the Month

What you might think is just an everyday rash or bite can actually be Bed Bugs. Bed Bugs can be found anywhere in your home and are active at night, so they can be hard to spot. They can live for several months without food and because of their small size they can fit into tight spots. Bed Bugs love to hide in wallpaper cracks, edges of carpets, corners of furniture and many other places besides your bed! These pests move quickly so it’s important that you contain an infestation as early as possible, so they don’t continue to spread and reproduce. The most common signs of a Bed Bug infestation include fecal spots on your mattress and bedding, blood stains on your sheets or pajamas and multiple bites in straight lines along your body. If you’re having problems...

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Pest of the Month: Black Widows

Posted by on May 30, 2018 in News, Pest of the Month

Did you know that black widow mating is violent and occasionally ends with the female spider eating her male partner? This violent ritual is the reason why these spiders were given the particular name ‘black widow’. Aside from this, the black widow is actually a solitary creature. The warmer weather will bring these spiders out of hiding, where they will start to make their homes under ledges, rocks and plants where their webs can be easily strung. Be careful though, because if disturbed or provoked they may bite. BlackWidow spider bites leave two puncture marks and their venom will cause redness and swelling. These bites cause tremendous pain that will spread over the entire body. If you get bit by a black widow seek medical attention immediately! If you see a black widow and suspect there might be more in...

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Pest of the Month: Mosquitos, Avian Flu, Zika Virus

Posted by on Apr 27, 2018 in News, Pest of the Month

Don’t become a victim to Mosquitoes this summer! These pests thrive in hot weather and can be a threat to your health. Mosquitoes can harbor deadly diseases such as Zika and West Nile virus, which are passed on through their bites, and can be transmitted to humans or other mammals. The Zika virus can be passed from a pregnant woman to her fetus, and potentially cause birth defects. West Nile virus can cause serious health issues including fever, body aches, nausea, vomiting, and skin rashes. Protecting yourself during these hot months are crucial, so make sure you’re prepared and informed. Using mosquito repellant spray is a common and easy way to prevent mosquito bites. To ensure your families safety Banks Pest Control can also install fine mesh screens on windows and doors to keep these pests out of your home. For...

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