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Pest of the Month – Gophers/Squirrels

Gophers and squirrels can be extremely hard to get rid of on your own. Gophers burrow underground and live most of their lives there. They can dig tunnels underneath your home and vegetation that can cause serious damage over time! Meanwhile, squirrels can find a small space to live in and will claim it as their own. Squirrels are also likely not alone and there can be several others nearby. Gophers and squirrels both carry fleas and ticks which have diseases that can lead to illness for your family or your pets. If either of these animals get trapped somewhere they will cause extensive damage that can cost thousands of dollars in repair. Don’t wait until they’ve caused a ton of damage to get rid of them! For more information call us at (661)323-7858 and learn about the many options you have with Banks Pest Control.