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Pest of the Month: Black Widows

Did you know that black widow mating is violent and occasionally ends with the female spider eating her male partner? This violent ritual is the reason why these spiders were given the particular name ‘black widow’. Aside from this, the black widow is actually a solitary creature. The warmer weather will bring these spiders out of hiding, where they will start to make theirĀ homes under ledges, rocks and plants where their webs can be easily strung. Be careful though, because if disturbed or provoked they may bite. BlackWidow spider bites leave two puncture marks and their venom will cause redness and swelling. These bites cause tremendous pain that will spread over the entire body. If you get bit by a black widow seek medical attention immediately! If you see a black widow and suspect there might be more in your home or business, call Banks Pest Control at (661) 323-7858.